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Genersich, Antal Konstantin


(of Szepesszombat)

(B. 4th February, 1842, Nagyszombat – D. 4th June, 1918, Budapest)

Dean: 1904/05 - 1905/06

He was born into a middle class family on the Northern Hungary highland (presently Southern Slovakia). His father was a jurist, his grandfather was an evangelic teacher of theology. He lost his father at the age of five, so due to the difficult financial situation of the family, he had to give tutorials. He studied medicine in Pest and in the meantime he worked as a demonstrator of anatomy. He received his degree in medicine on 19th October. 1865. The following year he was awarded a degree as a master in obstetrics and ophthalmology and he received another degree in surgery on 8th June, 1866. He excelled in his studies from the beginning of his university career, receiving grants and prizes. Working with Arányi Lajos as an assistant lecturer in pathology from October, 1865 till the end of October, 1868, he carried out a yearly average of 1150 postmortem autopsies. He worked as a pathologist at a pediatric hospital from 1867, and became head pathologist of Saint Rókus Hospital on 1st April, 1868.

In the autumn of the same year, he received a state grant to leave on a longer academic trip in German-speaking territories, enabling him to visit the greatest German specialists of his age.

(Vienna: Karl von Rokistansky, Salamon Sticker, Ferdinand von Hebra, Heinrich Bamberger, Friedrich Jaeger, Anton Friedrich von Tröltsch; Würzburg: Friedrich Daniel von Recklinghausen, Rudolf Albert von Kölliker; Leipzig: Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig, Ernst Leberecht Wagner, Carl Huppert; Berlin: Rudolf Virchow, Ludwig von Traube). On 3rd August, 1870, he was appointed professor ordinarius of pathology and forensic medicine at the Institute of Medicine and Surgery in Kolozsvár. As soon as the university was established in 1872, he became professor of pathology.

During his work there he laid the groundwork for the collection of the Institute of Pathology... In 1876/77 he became the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and in the following year the rector of the university. From the year of 1875 he became the honorary chief physician of Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca) but he also completed the councillor and curator tasks of the evangelical church community of Kolozsvár. As an expert, he played an important role in the enhancement of Kolozsvár University and the town’s urban planning. His hard work was rewarded when, in 1891, he was awarded the Hungarian noble title. He took part in the work of the Kolozsvár Society of Medicine and Natural Sciences and the Transylvanian Museum Society. On 5th May, 1892, he became a corresponding, and later a regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 1895, after the death of Gusztáv Scheuthauer, the Department of Pathology of the Budapest University was divided in two. Genersich was invited to become head of the 1st department, where he worked until his retirement in 1913.

He was simultaneously appointed head pathologist of Saint Stephen’s Hospital by the lord mayor of Budapest in 1895.

In 1904, he was given the title of king’s counsellor. He was dean of the university for two academic years (1904/5, 1905/6), and rector from the November of the 1910/11 academic year. He died in Budapest but his grave can be found in the cemetery of Házsongárd, Kolozsvár.

(Major works: Report on the diseases occuring during the building of the Kolozsvár – Házsongárd railway line. Kolozsvár, 1875.; The university study leave and exam regulations Rector’s speech. Kolozsvár, 1877.; About the work of the Hungarian royal university of science. Kolozsvár, 1878.; Acephalus. Kolozsvár, 1880.; Comment on the dispute on tuberculosis. World Congress on Internal Medicine, Berlin, 1890.; Autopsy record. Kolozsvár, 1890.).