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Hoór, Károly


(B. 16th July, 1858, Pest-Buda – D. 15th December, 1927, Budapest)

Dean: 1915/16 - 1916/17

His father, Vencel Hoór, imperial and royal military surgeon-major, was the head of medical surgeons of military officers. Károly Hoór went to secondary school in Budapest, Sopron and Marburg, then enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine where he received his diploma on 14th June, 1884. From this time on, he became the chief physician of the united army and the second physician of ophthalmology of the garrison hospital in Vienna while he was attending lectures on ophthalmology at the university in Vienna. He went on holiday between 1885 and 1887, during these years Hoór attended the clinic of professor Ernst Fuchs. He received extraordinary promotion to be regimen physician in 1886, then was transferred to the garrison hospital in Budapest on 1st September, 1887 where he worked as chief physician of the ophthalmology department. He took his habilitation as privatdozent in disorders of eye refraction and adaptation in 1890. He was appointed professor ordinarius of ophthalmology at the Ferenc József University in Kolozsvár on 21st August, 1894. He visited Egypt in 1901/02 in order to study trachoma which was widespread and indigenous there for a long time. On his return to Hungary, he carried out significant work in order to eradicate the disease. In 1908 he was invited to head the second ophthalmology department or rather clinic which was then being established in Budapest and which he led until his death.He was appointed by the sovereign on 18th June 1908. However, the building of the clinic had not been completed by then, therefore he actually occupied his department on 5th June, 1909. He did research on ophthalmological methods.

(Major works: Opthalmological surgery. Bp. 1892.; Handbook of ophthalmology /co-author Emil Grósz/. Bp. 1909-1910.)