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Zoltán, Imre


(B. 12. December, 1909.Budapest – D. 21. May, 2002. Budapest)

Dean: 1963/64 - 1966/67

He was born in Budapest, his father was a public servant. He completed his studies at Péter Pázmány University of Sciences and he was granted his medical degree on 30th of September, 1933. He worked as an intern at Géza Farkas' Institute of Physiology during his university years and after graduating he got a position as assistant lecturer at the 1st Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology headed by József Frigyesi. From April 1945 he became the first secretary of the university organisation of the Hungarian Communist Party. Along with being the secretary he was senior lecturer of the parallel Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology from 11 February 1946, then from April 1947 its acting director. He received the title of professor and at the same time was appointed director of the clinic on 23rd September, 1950. He acquired his PhD degree of medical sciences in 1952 and that of doctor of medical sciences in 1961. From 1970, he also headed the National Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, part-time. Simultaneously, he took a role in the professional public life, too. Between l957 and 1975 president, and in 1975 he became honorary president of the Hungarian Association of Women Physicians. He was the first secretary general of MOTESZ between 1966-1972 and between 1983-1985 its president. Between 1970-1973 he filled the position of the Chairman of the International Association of Women Physicians. He also took considerable interest in medical history and wrote a monograph on Semmelweis.

He was distinguished by several awards (e.g. Order of Merit of the Hungarian People's Republic, golden grade, 1951; Merit of Work, golden grade, 1966, 1969, 1973; Order of Merit "For Socialist Hungary", 1979; Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, 1995, etc.). and also held positions in several professional societies. He retired in l981. He was dean of the Faculty of General Medicine between 1963-1967, then, between 1967 and 1973 -for two terms of office - he was rector of the University. It was on his suggestion that the university was renamed after Semmelweis in 1969.

(Major works: Operative Surgery of Gynaecology, Budapest, 1942, 2nd revised edition (co-author Sándor Ferkó) 1967.; Obstetrics, Budapest 19531.; Gynaecology Budapest, 1953.; Caesarean Section in Today's Obstetrics, Budapest, 1962.; Semmelweis' Life and Activity, Budapest 1966 (also in English: 1966); Obstetrics. Budapest 1978.; Gynaecology (university text book), Budapest, 1975.)