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Jendrassik, Jenő


(B. 18th November, 1824, Kapnikbánya – D. 3rd March, 1891, Budapest)

Dean: 1867/68 – 1868/69

Jenő Jendrassik studied arts and humanities between 1845-1847 in Pest, then received his degree in medicine in Vienna in 1853 followed by a diploma in surgery and a degree as a master in obstetrics two years later.

Having taken part in the fight against the cholera epidemic in Transylvania in 1855, he returned to Vienna to work for the institute of Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke, then in the laboratory of Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig. From 1857, he gave lectures in pathology and pharmacology, descriptive anatomy and forensic medicine at the Kolozsvár Institute of Medicine and Surgery. In 1860, following Jan Nepomuk Czemak’s resignation prompted by the introduction of Hungarian as the language of education, Jendrassik was invited as his successor to the Department of Physiology at the Medical University of Pest where he worked until his death. He was the second lecturer after Sámuel Rácz to teach this subject in Hungarian. From 1863 onwards, Jendrassik was corresponding, then, from 1880, regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He also took part in the work of the National Board of Public Health. Jendrassik was the first Hungarian to teach medical physics as a separate subject between 1871-1878. In 1876, he inaugurated the building of the Institute of Physiology, which was built according to his plans. The first Hungarian medical physics expert, Jendrassik produced significant essays on intercostal muscles and on the measurement of eye movements. He constructed several instruments for registering phyisological processes and traced muscle function back to electric and magnetic processes. Having described several phaenomena of muscle electricity, Jendrassik became an acknowledged researcher of this field.

He held the office of dean for two academic years (1867/68, 1868/69), and that of rector for one (1882/83).

(His works: Two new ways of eye measurement, Pest, 1867.; Treatise on myo-mechanics, Budapest, 1882.; Posthumous works of the teacher, Jenő Jendrassik. Compiled by dr. Jendrassik Ernő, Budapest, 1891.)