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Rupp Nepomuk, János


(of Illoba)

(B. 10th January, 1808, Pest – D. 23rd April, 1881, Pest)

Dean: 1860/61 – 1862/63 – 1869/70 – 1879/80)

János Nepomuk Rupp studied medicine in his native town, Pest, receiving his medical degree on 31st December, 1831. The same year, he participated in the eradication of the cholera epidemic in Nógrád county. His main fields of interests were forensic medicine and medical surveillance; he enriched his knowledge in both areas during his academic tours of Europe. Rupp was elected to be notary of the Faculty of Medicine in Pest in 1834 thanks to his high degree of education and professional knowledge. He held this function until 1844, when he was appointed professor of the Department of State Medicine. In 1849, the absolutist government in Vienna made him notary of the department, and it was only when the university gained back its autonomy that he resigned from the position. In 1868 he became a member, in 1869 vice-president and in 1878 the first president of the National Board of Public Health. In 1863 he became the first president of the Hungarian Medical Publishing Society, then its vice-president, and in 1869 again its president. He was also president of the Public Health Department of the International Statistical Congress which had its meeting in the capital city. He served as dean from the 2nd term of the 1860/61 to the 1862/63 academic year, and then continuously from 1869/70 to 1879/80. He was elected rector for the 1866/67 academic year. At the memorial congress of the centenary of the Medical Faculty in 1871, he was the president of the Public Health Board. On this occasion the king awarded him with Hungarian nobility, the title of royal counsellor and the small cross of the Order of the Iron Crown. He established a foundation with 1,000 forints in favour of scientific research at the university. His death occurred during a university council session on the 24th of April, 1881.

(Major works: On the non-infectious nature of cholera. Medical doctoral dissertation. Pest, 1831. /with a Latin title, too./; Violent death. In: Közegészségi és Törvényszéki Orvostan, 1868.; Speech held in the assemby meeting hall at the Millenium of the Medical Faculty of the Hungarian Royal University on 13th May, 1871. Buda, 1871. /Data to the millenium of the faculty of the Royal University./)