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Sauer, Ignác


(B. 2nd October, 1801, Veszprém – D. 17th November, 1863, Pest)

Dean: 1859/60 - 1860/61

He came from a rich family of merchants. First a student of medicine in Pest (for three years), then in Vienna, where he received his medical degree in 1826. and a degree as a master in obstetrics in 1827. He worked in several hospitals of Vienna (Allgemeines Krankenhaus, orphanage hospital), and in 1831, after the outbreak of the cholera epidemic he was sent to Galicia by the Court War Council. Following the path of the epidemic, he travelled to Vienna and then to Bohemia. He returned to Vienna in 1833, where he became the physician of a convict prison in Leopoldstadt, then the district physician of Gross-Enzensdorf. Again in Vienna from 1837, he worked as head physician of the criminal juridical hospital until 1842, when he was invited to be locum lecturer of special pathology and pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine in Pest. He was appointed professor ordinarius in 1843. He was the first professor to hold his inauguration speech in Hungarian. In 1848 he became chief physician of Hungary (Protomedicus Hungariae), then surgeon general of the National Guard and the Hungarian Army after the first Hungarian government was established.

Consequently, he was removed from office for one year in 1849. From 1859 onwards, he was corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He introduced percussion and auscultation in Hungary. In 1862, he was again appointed Protomedicus Hungariae for one year. He served twice as dean of the university (2nd term of the 1859/60 academic year and 1st term of 1860/61), and once as rector (1862/63. As a rector he strove to increase the number of lecturers by involving habilitated lecturers and tried hard to preserve the university's jurisdiction over its properties.

(Major works: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de amaurosi. Vindobonae, 1826.; Der Typhus in vier Cardinalformen. Vindobonae, 1841.; Doctrina de percussione et auscultatione, quam juxta principia cel. D. Skoda concinnavit. Vindobonae, 1842.; Praelectiones e pathologia et therapia speciali medica. Editae ab eiusdem auditoribus I-VI.. Pestini, 1854–55.; Hospital lectures on the symptoms of cholera in Eastern India. /Cholera ostindica./ Communicated by Imre Poór. Published by his students, Pest, 1855.; Speech on the spiritual development of the Hungarian Royal University, its hindrances and their removal, Buda, 1863.)