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Fabini, János Theophil


(B. 5th July, 1791, Hasság /Medgyesszék – D. 30th November, 1847, Pest)

Dean: 1838/39

Born into a family of evangelical pastors in Transylvania; the family has given many pastors to the church and to the country. He studied in Medgyes and in the lyceum of Kolozsvár. He pursued his studies of medicine and surgery in Vienna between 1810 and 1815. He became assistant to professor Georg Joseph Beer in the Allgemeines Krankenhaus of Vienna. He received the degree of medical doctor on 11th May and a degree as master in ophtalmology in 12th July, 1816. Afterwards, in October, he returned to his hometown, Medgyes, but already in 1817 he was invited to theUniversity of Pest, where he served as professor ordinarius of opthalmology until his death. With his appointment he overtook his master, Beer, who got the title of university professor only in 1818 in Vienna. Earlier, ophthalmology had been taught as a part of surgery, but the chief ophthalmologist of Hungary started teaching it as a special subject. Fabini kept emphasising the close connection between opthalmology and other medical sciences all along his career. He introduced the use of opthalmological medical charts, improved the examination methods and dealt with the surgical healing of cataract and squint. He pursued a considerable literature work. His textbook was also used in foreign universities (e.g. Padova, Harlem). He was given the rank of nobility in 1840. In 1846 he received the title of royal counsellor, and simultaneously Pest county elected him judge of the Court of Appeal. He was the member of the Medical Faculty in Vienna and many other scientific associations. He was dean during the 1838/39 academic year and rector in 1845/46.

(Major works: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de Amaurosi. Viennae, 1816.; Doctrina de morbis oculorum. In usum auditorum suorum. Pestini, 1823. /In German, Italian, English, Holland and Hungarian/; De praecipuis corneae morbis. Prolusio academica qua diem 27. Junii 1830. Cum regia universitas Hungarica Pesthiensis quinquagesimum instaurationis annum solenni ritu celebraret. Budae, 1830. Besides, he left us several valuable manuscripts, e.g. the Ars oculistica, that remained as copy by Almási Balogh Pál in the library of ELTE University.)