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Birly, Ede Flórián


(B. 6th December, 1787, Hódság, – D. 25th November, 1854, Pest)

Dean: 1836/37 - 1837/38

He pursued his pre-studies in Kalocsa, Pécs, Eszék, Buda and Pest then he studied medicine for four years in Vienna where he got his degree as a master in obstetrics on 27th June, 1814, and his degree in medicine on 30th August, the same year. Between 1814 and 1817 he worked as an assistant to the well-known professor Lucas Johann Broer, whom he substituted as a lecturer in the summer periods when Broer was ill. On 22nd April, 1817 he was assigned to the Department of Obstetrics at the University of Pest and he occupied his post on 29th May. He was given the rank of nobility in 1824. He held conservative views in his area of specialisation, for example he did not recognize the significance of Semmelweis’ discovery. He believed that puerperal fever was caused by the impurity of the female body, and thus treated the fever with purgatives. He personally provided financial support to his institute, and also played an important role in the training of midwives. He was the member of several foreign doctors’ associations. He gained a fortune during his career and he had some houses in Pest and estates in Nyitra county (in Nagy-Bilic and Nyitra-Zsámbokrét). After his death, Semmelweis succeeded him in his position in the department. He was elected dean twice (1836/37, 1837/38), and once rector (1841/42). /Source of picture: Hőgyes: Millennium Memorial Volume/

(His work: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de epilepsia. Viennae. 1814.)