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Stáhly, György


(B. 1755, Pest – D. 26th October, 1802, Pest)

Dean: 1786/87, 1791/92

His family immigrated to Hungary from Donaueschingen. After graduating as a mecidal doctor, he initially served as a soldier physician, and from 1784 he became lecturer of surgery and obstetrics at the university that moved to Pest just that year. At the same time he was also appointed chief ophthalmologist of Hungary. On his initiatiative, an in-patient department was also established at the university clinic in 1801. As an acknowledgement of his merits in overcoming the epidemic of plague in Fiume, he was bestowed nobility in 1797. In course of the uprising of the nobility in relation with the napoleonic wars he visited a nunmber of military hospitals on the sea-side {Zára (Zadar), Raguza (Dubrovnik), Zeng(g) (Senj), Fiume (Rijeka), Trieszt (Trieste)} to organize protection against the grim epidemics of that time. Finally he, himself also became a victim of the epidimic.

(His works were preserved only in manuscripts: De criterio experimentorum medicorum, De fidis remediis, De intempestiva assumtione medicamentorum, De judicio difficili, De isagoge practica, De historiae morborum criterio, De casibus medicis practicis, De medicina et pharmacopolio.)