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Semmelweis University Gallery


Reisinger, János


(B. 24th May, 1784, Győr- D. 12th February, 1852, Pest)

Dean: 1813/14 – 1814/15

János Reisinger pursued his studies in Pest. He received his medical degree in 1806 and a year later his degree in surgery. He practised medicine in Szeged for a short time and in 1807 returned to Pest where he worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Natural History of the university. In the same year the head of the department, József Schönbauer died and he became deputy head of the department. In 1809 he became surgeon-major of the insurgent army of the nobility. From 1810 until his retirement in 1848 he worked as professor of zoology and mineralogy at the Faculty of Medicine in Pest. In 1813/14 he served the university as dean, and 1825/26 as rector. In September, 1840 he was granted the title of royal counsellor.

(Major works: Enchiridion anorganosiae. Budae, 1820.; Specimen ichthyologiae-sistens pisces aquarum dulcium Hungariae. Budae, 1830.; Állattan (Zoology) I–II., Budae, 1846, 1848.)