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Schuster, János Konstantin


(B. 4th May, 1777, Pécs – D. 19th May, 1839, Pest)

Dean: 1811/12 – 1812/13

Born as a son of a baker, Schuster attended secondary school in his native town where he studied philology (1792-94) and law (1794-96). Next he came to Pest where he studied medicine between 1796 and 1800 and received his medical degree in Pest on 16th March, 1802. Prior to that, he became an assistant at the Chemistry Department on 10th February, 1802. In 1805, he made a longer academic tour in Germany, mostly working with Klaproth in Berlin. Upon returning to Hungary, he became tutor of pharmacology in Pest from 27th May, 1806 to 16th September, 1808, and briefly a high school teacher (chemistry, mineralogy and mettalurgy) in Kolozsvár from 26th September, 1808. He was appointed professor of natural history at theUniversity of Pest on 20th December, 1808. As a doctor of the noblemen’s revolt in 1809, he suffered from a serious infection of typhoid fever. After the death of Winterl, he became head of the Chemistry Department from 19th February, 1811, but he also gave lectures on botany as a locum until the appointment of Károly Háberle, 21st May, 1817. At the same time, he carried out the enormous task of arranging and cataloguing the archives of the Natural History Museum. He was elected regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 20th February, 1831 for his merits in creating the Hungarian chemistry terminology. He was also involved in comparative linguistics of Hungarian and eastern languages. He was invited to be the judge of the Court of Appeal of Barany county on 1st August, 1836. Twice he was nominated dean of the university (1810/1811, 1812/1813), and once rector (1821/22). At his funeral, his students carried their beloved professor on their shoulders to his grave.

(Major works: Geschichte der Stadt Pesth. Pesth, 1806.; System der dualistischen Chemie des Professor Jak. Jos. Winterl I-II. Berlin, 1807.; Terminologia botanica. Budae, 1808.; De opio. Pesth, 1819. /anonymous/; De iodo. Pesth, 1827. /anonymous/; De ferro. Pesth, 1829. /anonymous/; Pauli Kitaibel, Hydrographia Hungariae, praemissa auctoris vita. Pesth, 1829.; Price lists of medicines. Applied for Hungary and its provinces. Buda, 1829 és 1845. /Anonymous. In Hunagrian, Latin and German./; Kleiner chemischer Apparat. Pesth, 1829.; Studies on medicines. I-II. Pesth, 1829-30.)