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Stefanics, János


(B. 11th September 1914, Nyágova /county of Máramaros/ - D. 19th November 1982, Budapest)

Dean: 1970/71 - 1972/73

He started his university studies at the Medical Faculty of Count István Tisza University of Arts and Sciences in Debrecen and two years later he continued his studies at the Medical Faculty of Budapest University, where he graduated on 24th September 1938. From 1935, while being a medical student, he worked for the Institute of Anatomy and Topographical Anatomy as unpaid undergraduate assistant and after graduation as unpaid intern until 1st September 1939. After that he was employed as unpaid surgeon’s assistant at the 2nd Surgical Clinic directed by Lajos Bakay. In 1941 he passed his examination in surgery and then was appointed unpaid operating surgeon. The fields of his medical activities were: general surgery, orthopaedics, traumatology and cerebral surgery. From 1935 he was called up for military service on several occasions. From April till December 1941 and from July 1942 until the end of the war, he did his military service on the operational area of the eastern front. In September 1945 he was appointed unpaid and then from 1949 paid assistant lecturer.

After the death of professor Gyula Sebestyén, between 28th July and 13th November 1954 he was deputy head of the Clinic. After this he became deputy head of 3rd Surgical Clinic until professor József Kudász was nominated as head on 21th September 1955. In the meantime on 1st July 1955 he was promoted senior lecturer.

In December 1956 he applied for the post of head physician at the Municipal Hospital of Mosonmagyaróvár, where he served from the beginning of 1957 until 1st February 1958.

Then he was appointed senior lecturer and on 1st August associate professor to the 2nd Surgical Clinic in Budapest.

After the retirement of Dezső Klimkó he was acting director of the clinic between 1st September 1959 and 1st September 1961.

On 1st September 1961 he filled the position of acting director of 3rd Surgical Clinic, where on 1st September 1964 he was appointed professor and head of department. In the meantime he acquired his PhD degree on 6th June 1963. From 1st July 1974 he again became head of 2nd Surgical Clinic and fulfilled this position until his death in 1982.

Between 1967 and 1970 he was vice-dean, then until 1973 dean of the Faculty of General Medicine of Semmelweis University of Medicine. He published fundamental clinical papers on the surgery of ulcerous diseases and various illnesses of the alimentary tract. Between 1975 and 1979 he was president of the Hungarian Society of Surgeons and member of several foreign societies. His main awards: Praiseworthy medical doctor (1955), Outstanding medical doctor (1960), Excellent worker of higher Education (1968).

(Major works: Experimental angiographic studies after damaging the veins or arteries of the inferior extremity /with co-authors/ Bp. 1956.; Complaints due to disorder of cystic duct stump after cholecystectomy /with co-authors Pál Görgő and Sándor Papp/ Bp. 1958.; Bile surgery in elderly /co-author Ödön Vida/ Bp.; 1959. Aetiology and surgical analysis of tardive complaints after gastric and duodenal surgery /co-authors: Dezső Klimkó and György Egri/ Bp. 1961.; Mondor-disease /with co-authors/ Bp. 1961.; Non cancerous surgical diseases of the small and large intestine and rectum. Bp. 1962.; Specified Surgery 1. /ed./ Bp. 1969.; Specified Surgery and Traumatology 2 /ed./ Bp. 1970.; Data on aetiology and surgical treatment of complaints after bile surgery. PhD thesis. Bp. 1962.; Surgery Bp. 1977. 2nd revision. 1984.; Surgery /co-author László Kocsis / Bp. 1982.)