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Miskovits, Gusztáv


(B. Nagykikinda, 24th August 1919 – D. Budapest, 20th February 1996)

Dean: 1967/68 - 1969/70, 1976/77 – 1978/79

He started his university studies in Belgrade in 1937. From 1938 till 1941 he worked at the Pathological Institute of the University and later, after the end of the military operations, in the spring of 1941 he escaped from the territory occupied by the German troops to Hungary. He carried on his studies in Szeged, where he received his medical degree in December 1943. He started his medical carrier in Szeged at the Clinic of Internal Diagnostics and later he continued his medical practice in Szentendre. At the end of 1944 he was called up as a surgeon for military service and later on he was taken prisoner of war by the British troops. He returned to Hungary in September 1946. He continued his medical activity first in Bedegkér (Tolna county) and then in Budakalász from the spring of 1947. Parallelly, he began his professional medical training at the clinic which later became the Clinic of Pulmonology (Budapest), where first he worked as a house surgeon and from October 1948 as a clinical intern.

He joined the Social Democratic Party in 1947 but after the fusion of the two workers’ parties (1948), he was expelled from the new party (called Hungarian Workers’ Party) in spring of 1949 because of his assumed Western sympathy. From 1950 he displayed activity in the Trade Union of Doctors and Health Professionals. In 1951 he was appointed assistant lecturer, in 1953 senior lecturer and in 1957 associate professor. After the retirement of professor Ferenc Kováts, in September 1961 he became head of the Clinic of Pulmonology. In 1963 he obtained the title of university professor. He fulfilled his responsibilities as head of department until 1988. In 1964 he became vice-dean of the Department of General Medicine and later, in two rounds (1967-1970, 1976-1979) dean.

At the beginning of his medical activity his scientific publications dealt with experimental investigations of tuberculosis and later with clinical examinations of non-tuberculous pulmonological diseases. His PhD thesis was written on “Comparative study of thoracic diseases with biopsy” in 1959. This topic was continued by the pathogenetical examination of spontaneous pneumothorax. His main field of activity was research of chronic aspecific pulmonary diseases, especially pathophysiology and epidemiology of obstructive pulmonary diseases.

During the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax he investigated pleural compliance, the gas exchange of the pleural cavity by body-plethysmographic method. He was board member of the International TBC Union, president of the Frigyes Korányi TBC and Phthisiotherapy Society, the Association Francaise de Pathologie Respiratoire, the American College of Chest Physicians and other scientific societies.

His awards: Korányi Medallion (1966), Outstanding medical doctor (1971), Excellent tutor of SOTE (1975).

His works: 81 publications, 3 monographies and 2 textbooks.

He died in 1996 and was buried in Farkasréti Cemetery Budapest.

(Major works: Non-tuberculous pulmonary diseases /co-author Sándor Szűcs/ Bp., 1961.; Pulmonary tuberculosis. University textbook. Bp., 1966., Phthisiotherapy. Bp., 1973.; Pulmonary diseases /co-authors Major-Magyar-Szüle-Zolnay/ University coursebook, Bp., 1977.)