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Belák, Sándor


(B. 17. July, 1886, Enying – D. 12. March, 1947, Budapest)

Dean: 1937/38 – 1938/39

Sandor Belák was conferred the degree of medical doctor on 12th of February, 1910. From 1908 on he worked as an assistant lecturer at the Institute of General Pathology headed by Ferenc Tangl then he became senior lecturer of the Institute of Pharmacology. In 1917 he habilitated in experimental pharmacology. In 1921 he was appointed professor ordinarius of pharmacodynamics at the newly-established Medical Faculty of István Tisza University of Sciences in Debrecen and a locum professor of public health, then, from 1927 he became professor ordinarius. of the same subject. In the academic years of 1922/23 and 1923/24 he hold the dean’s office. For a short time he also worked at the Charité Clinic in Berlin.

In 1932 he was invited to Budapest to be professor ordinarius of general pathology and – at the same time – professor extraordinarius of bacteriology. Also, from 1937 simultaneously, he was heading the Research Institute of Rheumatism and Balneology in Budapest. He was elected corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 14th May, 1943. He also held the positons of chairman of the Rheumatism Society of Hungarian Physicians, associate chairman of the Hungarian Hygienists’ Association and also vice president of the International Federation of Balneology and the Society of Hungarian Meteorologists. His research activity involved the physique and inherited traits, medical meteorology, balneology, bacteriology of haemopoiesis, colloid chemistry, the connection of vegetative nervous system and the immune system as well as the basic methodological priciples of biochemistry. His research into medical meteorology and balneology are also of significance. He developed a new urinary test method. From 1937 he held the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Medicine in Budapest for two academic years.

(Major works: Urinary test methods. Budapest, 1914.; Colloid chemical features in pharmacology. In: Medical Training, l919.; Vegetative nervous system and immunity. In: Activities of István Tisza Scientific Society II. 1927.; Data for the epidemiology of diphtheria. In: National Health Care, 1932.; Theoretical features of balneotherapy. In Medical Training, 1937.; Immunity as a vegetative function. In: Orvosi Hetilap (Hungarian Medical Journal), 1938.; Pathogenesis of Rheumatism. In: Rheumatology, Budapest, 1941.; Significance of spas and medical springs in modern therapeutics. In: Year book of Hungarian tourism. Budapest, 1941.; Pathophysiologic issues of rheumatism treatment and prevention. In: Medical Training, Orvosképzés, 1941.; Spasmodic and dilatatoric hyperenergy. Budapest, 1943.; Rheumatism and rheumatic illnesses. In Medical training, Orvosképzés, 1944.)