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Farkas, Géza


(B. 9th June, 1872, Budapest– D. 13th September, 1934, Budapest)

Dean: 1929/30 - 1930/31

Géza Farkas was admitted to the Budapest Faculty of Medicine in 1890 and three years later he made study trips to Italy and Germany still as a medical student. He read anatomy and physiology in Vienna in 1895/96. He graduated on 25th October 1897 in Budapest. First he worked as an intern at the 2nd Internal Clinic, then as an assistant lecturer at the Institute of Physiology from September the following year. In 1901 Farkas became assistant to professor. Ferenc Tangl, at the Physiological Institute of the Veterinary College. When his professor had left to work for the Faculty of Medicine in 1903, Géza Farkas took over and, one year later, became professor ordinarius. For a longer period of time he worked with professor Zuntz at the Berlin College of Economics. 1920 -23 saw him teach physiology and histology as a locum professor at universities in Budapest, as well as at those which were forced to relocate from Pozsony and Kolozsvár. Farkas left the Veterinary College in 1922 to lead the Institute of Physiology of the Medical Faculty until his death. All along he was an enthusiastic reader at the Society of Natural Sciences and at other information societies. Farkas was also involved in the edition of Révai Lexikon. Besides his research of the CO2 bond of the blood, the osmotic effect, the parasympathetic function and the function of the kidney, Géza Farkas also dealt with the nourishment of the agricultural workers and the physiological questions of perception. Soon after retiring, Géza Farkas passed away at the heart clinic of Balatonfüred.

(Major works: The psychology of talent and genius. Budapest, 1909. The question of animal soul. Budapest, 1909. On the physiology of colour effects in painting. Budapest, 1912.)