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Buday, Kálmán


(B. 13th October, 1863, Pécs – D. 17th November, 1937, Budapest)

Dean: 1917/18

He originated from a family with ten children. László, his younger brother, who was a statist, was also a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Kálmán pursued his medical studies in Budapest where he received his diploma on 20th November, 1886. He had started working at the Institute of Pathology led by Gusztáv Scheuthauer as early as 1885. He joined the surgery clinic of professor József Kovács in 1890 to study surgery where he was first an intern, then an assistant lecturer until 1894.

He spent the academic year 1894/95 on a state fellowship at the university of Vienna and Berlin. On his return to Hungary, he was appointed locum professor at the Institute of Pathology in Kolozsvár. He took his habilitation there in 1896, then became professor ordinarius of pathology and pathohistology in June. He was invited to join the university in Budapest in 1913 where he led the 1st Institute of Pathology until his retirement in 1934. He was elected first a corresponding, then regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 24th April, 1913 and on 15th May, 1931, respectively. He was elected president of the Society of Hungarian Pathologists and the Association of Doctors of Budapest. He was honorary doctor of the university in Szeged (1933) and Debrecen (1937). It was him who introduced cancer statistics.

He did significant research on osteogenesis imperfecta and on the gangrenous inflammation of the oral cavity and the lungs, as well as on the pathology of lymphogranulomatosis and tuberculosis. He described the bacterium causing sepsis which was then named after him (Eubacterium budayi). He served as dean of the Faculty of Medicine for a tough academic year during the First World War (1917/18).

(Major works: Tuberculosis of the bones and joints. Bp. 1895.; Zur Kenntnis der abnormalen postmortalen Gasbildung. In: Zbl. Bakt. 1898.; On the development of medical sciences. Kolozsvár, 1906.; Pathology I-II. /co-author Dezső Veszprémy/ Bp., 1914-15. 3rd revised edition. 1928-29.; The significance of iron deposits in spleen tumours of Banti’s syndrome. In: Mathem. és Term.tud. Ért. (In Mathematical and Science Dissertations) 1917.; On cerebral cysticercus racemosus. In: Orv.Hetilap (Hungarian Medical Journal), 1924.; The role of constitutivo in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Bp. 1931.; On the structure of the lymphogranuloma cells. Bp., 1931.; Morphological properties of tuberculosis. Bp., 1934.)