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Lippay, Gáspár


(B. 4th January, 1809, Keszthely – D. 11. February, 1895, Gyirmót /Győr/)

Dean: 1860/65 – 1866/67

His father worked as an estate governing engineer on the estate of Count György Festetics in Keszthely. He became an orphan at a young age, therefore his education was sponsored by Sándor Kolosváry, canon in Veszprém, and landsteward Miklós Kolosváry, both uncles on his mother’s side. He went to secondary school in Pápa, Győr, Sopron and Pozsony. First a law student in Győr, Lippay enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of Pest University. He did his las two years in Vienna where he received his degree in medicine on 22nd December, 1834 and then in surgery in 1836. He became a master of surgery and ophthalmology in 1837 and in 1838, respectively. Sponsored by palatine József, he went on study tours in Europe in 1836 and 1837, and spent more than a year in Paris. After he had been elected honorary head physician of Győr county in 1838, he returned to Hungary. He was appointed chief ophthalmologist of Hungary on 13th June, 1839, and travelled around the country as such until 1847. He was elected judge of the court of appeal in several counties for his services rendered. After the death of János Theophil Fabini, he became a locum lecturer of ophthalmology in 1847, however, he was removed from his post because of his loyalty to the emperor during the 1848 revolution and war of independence. Restored to his post in 1850, Lippay was appointed professor ordinarius on 23rd July. He served as a dean for three academic years from 1864. During his professorship, he gave free treatment to the cataract patients of an eye hospital run by the Pest charitable club of women. In appreciation of his activities, he was awarded the title of royal counsellor on 30th April, 1871. He retired on his own decision on 3rd February, 1874, but remained in his post upon request of Ágostan Trefort, minister of religion and public education, till the end of the year when he resigned from his post as well as from medical practice and moved to Gyirmót village of Győr county.

(Major works: De influxu electricitatis in organismum humanum, specimen inaug. Viennae, 1834.; Tasks of the university and its students. Speech held at the official opening ceremony of the academic year 1866-67 on 4th November. Pest, 1866. /Speeches held at the university/).