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Tognio, Lajos


(B. 15th January, 1798, Vienna, – D. 9th November, 1854, Pest)

Dean: 1849/50 - 1854/55

He comes from a family of doctors; his father was a family doctor of Trencsén county. Lajos also studied medicine at the nearby city of Vienna, where he was conferred the degree of doctor in 1820. Thereafter he became an assistant practitioner at Allgemeines Krankenhaus. At the beginning of November 1824 he was appointed professor ordinarius at theUniversity of Pest where he taught pathology and pharmacology until his death except for the time of the war of independence. For 11 years Lajos Tognio researched and analyzed domestic mineral waters, mostly at his own cost. In March of 1848 he applied for retirement, as he was not able to teach his subject in Hungarian, the language that was then made mandatory. He regained his position after the defeat of the War of Independence, and from 1849 for six years he wore the chain of dean. He was knighted into the emperor and king’s Franz Joseph Order.

(Major works: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de nevralgia faciali. Vindobonae, 1820.; Fölszólítás Magyar- és Erdélyország orvosaihoz s természetvizsgálóihoz, Pest, 1841./ A call to the doctors and nature examiners of Hungary and Transylvania, Pest 1841/; Néhány szó Magyarhon ásványvizeiről. Pest, 1843. / A few words about the mineral waters of the Hungarian homeland, Pest 1843/; Az egri sóforrás szétküldözött vizének hatásáról, együtt érzésből keletkezett mellbajjal szövődött idült természetű lobos májdugulásban. Pest, 1843. /Németül. Pest, 1843./ /About the effects of the circulated salt springs of Eger in treating complications of chronic inflammatory cholestasis and pleuritis Pest, 1843 /in German. Pest 1843// ; A Magyarhonban mostanában uralkodó burgonyabetegség, észszerű mezei gazdák és természetvizsgálók számára. Pest, 1847./ For the rationally thinking farmers and investigators of nature about the currently ongoing potato disease of the Hungarian homeland. Pest, 1847/ )