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Schmidt, János


(B. 1802, Pest – D. 1872, Pest)

Dean: 1847/48 - 1848/49

He completed his studies in medicine in 1825 at the Pest Faculty of Medicine, where he arrived as a Master of Arts student. Later he became the health officer of Pest county, thus becoming an external member of the Faculty of Medicine. At the faculty he was not involved in educational activities. From 1847 he filled the position of the dean for two academic years. As of 1856 he became the health officer of Moson county. He changed his name to Kovács in 1868 to make it sound more “Hungarian”. The exact date of his birth and death is unknown.

(His work: Dissertatio inauguralis medico-pharmacologica de acido hydrocyanico quam... pro summis in medicina honoribus rite consequendis... publicae disquisitioni submittit. Pestini, 1825.)