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Havas, Ignác


(of Gömör)

(B. 1803, Valaszka /Zólyom/ – D. 2nd November, 1887, Budapest)

Dean: 1845/46 - 1846/47

Ignác Havas received his medical degree in Budapest in 1828, and settled in Tolna to become chief physcian of the county and director of Szekszárd Hospital. He later held the position of Judge of the Court of Appeal for Tolna, Baranya and Gömör counties. He moved to Pest in the 1840-s and soon became the favoured doctor of aristocrats, besides being involved in public affairs. He joined the Association of Doctors in Pest in 1848 but left it in 1866. He counted as one of the most senior members of the Sas (Eagle) Club and of the National Casino, founded by count Széchenyi.. He was also member of the old Gemeinderath (local council) and worked as councillor of the capital till his death. His achievements regarding the development of Pest were remarkable. At the unification ceremony of Pest, Buda and Óbuda in 1873, Havas presided the general assembly of the three cities as government commissioner. His efforts were honoured by being decorated with the Order of St. Stephen and being offered the title of Royal Counsellor. They even named a street after him. Having accumulated a considerable wealth during his life, he lost most of it by his elderly years despite his leading a modest life. However, his position at the First Hungarian Savings Bank helped him fend off poverty. From 1845 Ignác Havas held the position of the dean for two years, as an external member of the Medical Department.

(Major works: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de prosopolgia nervosa. Pestini, 1828.; Official report on the treatments alleviating cattle plague. Pestini, 1839.; Inoculatio luis pecorum per... proposita. Pestini, 1861. /in the appendix of Linzbauer Ferencz’, Codex sanitario-medicinalis Hungariae./)