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Gebhardt, Xavér Ferenc


(B. 23rd January, 1791, Paks – D. 27th October, 1869, Pest)

Dean: 1840/41, 1855/56 - 1859/60

He came from a merchant family. He pursued his arts studies in Szeged and his medical studies in Pest where he got his degree in 1814. Afterwards he travelled to Vienna to attend the lectures of Hildenbrand, Kern and Boër. After returning home on 1st November, 1815, Bene Ferenc employed him as his assistant. He became a member of the Faculty of Medicine in 1816, and in two years he was elected as a notary. In the period of 1820-1824 he assisted in holding internal medicine workshops to surgeons. At this time he was appointed professor ordinarius of this subject. He was the first professor who held his inaugural speech in Hungarian (10th January, 1824). In the same year he established the Institute for Variola Prevention, which functioned under the name of Central Vaccination Institute from 1850. He gained an academic membership on 17th November, 1830 with a salary of 500 forints. In 1830 the Bavarian Frauendorf gardener association elected him honorary member. In 1840 he was given the rank of nobility for his rich literature and educational work. In 1875 he received the title of royal counsellor and the Order of Ferenc József. He held the position of judge of the Court of Appeal in Tolna county. He was dean twice (1840/41, 1855/56-1859/60), for the second time he held the position for five years.

(His works: Versus: dno Carolo Gindlj, pro onomastico die oblati. Budae. /with Hungarian text/; Útmutatás az orvosi gyakorlásra, vagy bevezetés a beteg ágya mellett való orvosi tanításra. (Guideline for medical practice, or introduction to bedside treatment,, Pest, 1827.; A különös orvosi nyavalya és gyógytudomány alapvonaljai I-II. (Baselines of a special medical condition and those of medical science I-II,Pest, 1828–38.)