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Christen, Kristóf András


(B. Buda, 1783 – D. ?, ?)

Dean: 1839/40

He was born into a medical family. He pursued his studies at theUniversity of Pest where he got his degree in medicine in 1819. He was the chief medical officer of his hometown and at the same time the external member of the Faculty of Medicine in Pest. He was travelling in Europe for educational purposes; he visited Germany, the Netherlands, Paris, Switzerland and North-Italy. He returned home only in 1824, and then in 1839 he was elected dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pest. His only known work is his doctoral dissertation published in Pest in 1819. The place and time of his death is unknown.

(His work: Dissertatio inauguralis medica sistens opium historice, chemice et pharmacologice consideratum. Pestini, 1819.)