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Csurgovics, Sándor


(B. 1800, Újkemence /Ung - ?, ?)

Dean: 1834/35 – 1835/36

He came from a Greek Catholic family of Ung county. Neither the exact place nor the time of his death is known. He was an external member of the Faculty of Medicine of Pest, not belonging to the teaching staff. Before his medical studies he received a degree of doctorate in philosophy. On 3rd May, 1826 he was conferred the degree of medical doctor in Pest. In 1834/35 he was elected dean filling this position for two academic years. In October, 1876 on the 50th anniversary of his graduation he was given an honorary diploma by the university. His only known piece of work was written on the occasion of his graduation in medicine.

(His work: Societas conjugalis a parte sanitatis considerata. Dissertatio politicomedica. Pestini, 1826.)