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Csausz, Márton


(B. 8th August, 1796, Felsőbánya – D. 14th September, 1860, Pest)

Dean: 1830/31 – 1833/34

He came from an Armenian merchant family. After completing grammar school he studied for two years at the Faculty of Arts (which at that time was considered to be a university preparatory course) in Nagyvárad. He started his medical studies in 1815 in Pest where he was conferred the degree of medical doctor on 6th May, 1820. Then he practised medicine in Pest where he soon became one of the most popular doctors. On 4th April, 1824 he was elected registrar of the Faculty of Medicine and later in 1827 he was appointed locum lecturer at the Department of Anatomy. He was dean when the great cholera epidemic broke out in 1831 and he took part in the struggle against the epidemic in Pest where he treated a large number of patients. At the end of 1834 he was appointed professor ordinarius. He himself covered mostly the costs of his department. Besides, he went on long study trips during holidays, travelling in Europe, Algeria and a part of Asia. He filled the position of dean from 1830/31 for four years. On 1st May, 1848 baron József Eötvös, minister of religion and public education appointed him vice president of the Faculty of Medicine and also ministerial councillor and he held this position until 1st February, 1849. In 1855 he became permanent member of the Public Health Committee of the Council of Governor-General. In this position he managed to do a lot for the university. He retired on 27th March, 1859. At the same time his work was acknowledged with the title of royal counsellor. From his huge fortune, which was estimated to be worth 100,000 forints he bequeathed 35,000 forints to scientific and charitable aims including the support of the Academy of Sciences and the support of poor medical students regardless of their religion.

(His work: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de intestino sanguinis motu ut praecipuo circulationis adminiculo. Pestini, 1820.)