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Stipsics, Ferdinánd Károly


(B. 1754, Székesfehérvár – D. 25th March, 1820, Pest,)

Dean: 1793/94, 1795/96, 1797/98 - 1798/99, 1801/02, 1803/04 - 1804/05

Ferdinánd Károly Stipsics was doctor of humanities and medical sciences. He pursued his university studies in Vienna and Nagyszombat. He received his medical degree at the latter in 1774. Then he held the position of county medical officer, then hospital director and chief medical officer in Pest. He was appointed professor extraordinarius of theoretical medicine from 1783/84. He directed the Department of Pharmacology and Pathology from 1791 till 1819. He served as a dean of the university seven times (1793/94, 1795/96, 1797/98, 1798/99, 1801/02, 1803/04, 0804/05) and rector tree times (1796/97, 1802/03, 1805/06). He was appointed prosenior of the university in 1807.

(His works: Dissertatio inauguralis. medica de natura et remediis calculi. Posonii, 1774.; Idealis institutorum facultatis medicae Pestiensis adumbratio. Pestini, 1791.)