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Rácz, Sámuel


(B. 30th March, 1744, Pest – D. 24th February, 1807, Pest)

Dean: 1781/82, 1790/91, 1796/97

He completed his medical studies in Vienna, and obtained his degree in 1773. Then he worked in Nagybánya as chamber physician and medical officer. From 1777 he served as professor extraordinarius in Buda where the university was transferred to. From 1783/84 he became professor of physiology of the Faculty of Medicine and lectured there until his death. As a locum professor he taught internal medicine (1785/86), theoretical medicine and state medicine /public health and forensic medicine together/ (1802/3), and anatomy (1805/06 – 1806/07). He took over Brown’s teachings which he endeavoured to develop further. His practical lessons held in a military hospital were public, he had a large private practice. He was an advocate of Hungarian medical terminology and Hungarian medical education. He was the first to write a textbook of physiology in Hungarian (A physiológiának rövid sommája, Pest, 1789 - A Short Summary of Physiology, Pest, 1789) mainly for surgery students studying primarily in national languages (Hungarian and German). Besides Hungarian, German and Latin he was also familiar with Greek and French. Csokonai immortalised his name with his poem: entitled: „A híres Rácz Sámuel Úrhoz” (Addressing the famous Samuel Rácz). Maria Theresa awarded him gold medal of merit, and later he earned the title of royal counsellor. Hont county chose him to be judge of the Court of Appeal. He was dean in four academic years (1780/81, 1785/86, 1790/91, 1796/97) and rector once (1793/94).

(Major works: Az emberi élet általános ismeretét tanító könyv /General knowledge on human life, Buda, 1772.; Dissertatio inauguralis medica de sanitate conservanda. Vindobonae, 1773.; Orvosi oktatás/Medical training, Buda, 1776.; A salétrom főzésnek legkönnyebb és legbizonyosabb módgya, Buda 1780/The easiest and safest way of the cooking of saltpetre, Buda, 1780.; A physiologiának rövid sommája, Pest 1789/ A short summary of physiology,. Pest, 1789.; A nemes magyar nemzethez rövid emlékeztető beszéd, melyben megmutattatik, hogy Magyar-Országban lehet, s kell is a magyar nyelvet, és a magyar tanításokat felállítani, és hogy az universitasnak Pest legjobb hely/Short reminder to the Hungarian nation to advocate Hungarian language in education as well and to show that Pest is the best place for the university. Hely n. 1790.; A borbélyi tanításoknak első darabja/First volume on barber surgery. Az anatómiáról stb/On anatomy etc. Pest, 1794.; A borbélyi tanításoknak második darabja/Second volume on barber surgery. A törvényes orvosi tudományról stb/On forensic medicine. Pest,1794.; Orvosi praxis/Medical practice. Buda, 1801.)