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Trnka, Vencel


Venceslav Trnka von Krzowitz

(B. 16th October, 1739, Tabor – D. 12th May, 1791, Pest)

Dean:1775/76-1776/77, 1780/81, 1785/86

Anatomist and pathologist of Czech origin. He conducted his medical studies in Prague and Vienna, where he was conferred the degree of doctor in 1770. On the recommendation of his professor, van Swieten, he was employed in the Vienna hospital as early as in 1769. After his graduation in 1770 at the age of 31, he was appointed professor of anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine, still under organisation in Nagyszombat. He worked in this position until the 1785/86 academic year when he took over the lead of the Department of General Pathology and Pharmacology which he headed until his death. In his last will he left his library to the university on the condition, that one third of its value (i.e. one thousand forints) should be used to help poor medical doctors and students. He was elected dean three times (1775/76-1776/77, 1779/80, 1784/85) and rector once (1786/87).

(Major works: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de morbo coxario. Viennae, 1770.; Historia febrium intermittentium, omnis... Viennae, 1775. /In German Helmstädt, 1781./; Commentarius de tetano, plus quam ducentis cl. medicorum observationibus. Vindobonae, 1777.; De diabete commentarius. Vindobonae, 1778.; Historia amauroseos omnis aevi observata medica continens I-II. Vindobonae, 1781. /In German: Breslau, 1790./; Historia cophoseos et barycoeae omnis aevi observata medica continens. Vindobonae, 1781.; De prolapsu ani. Pest, 1785.; Abhandlung über das Magenweh. Leipzig, 1788.; Historia rachitidis omnis aevi observata medica continens. Vindobonae, 1787. /In German: Leipzig, 1789./; Geschichte der englischen Krankheit. Leipzig, 1789.; Geschichte des schwarzen Stars. Breslau, 1790.; Besides, 14 unpublished manuscripts survived. Listed by the manuscripts directory of the Royal University Library. Bodapest., 1899. I.page 116–117)