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Schoretits, Mihály


(B. 2nd September, 1741, Cinfalva - D. 3rd March, 1786, Pest)

Dean: 1778/79, 1783/84 - 1784/85

A physician of Croatian origin, university professor. He did his arts and medical studies in Vienna, where he obtained his degree as a medical doctor in 1765, then he became an assistant in a military hospital. Veszprém county invited him to be its chief medical officer in 1767. He got a double appointment as a lecturer of general pathology and special pathology and medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Nagyszombat from 1770. At the same time, based on the recommendation of van Swieten he served as the director of the Faculty of Arts, too. He lectured on general pathology until 1783/84 and on special pathology and medicine until 1783/84. He was dean twice (1777/78, 1782/83) and rector once (1783/84).

His literary activity is not known.