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Baráti Kör


It is my honor to greet you here at the "front gate" of Semmelweis University Gallery. I am doing this on behalf of the Circle of Friends of the University, and it is not accidental. Namely, our organization is the one which is trying to make the widest range (in space and time) of university citizens and sympathizers join in the spirit of friendship. A key objective of ours is to explore, preserve and promote the most valuable traditions of the University. The worldwide web has opened up broad horizons for this kind of creative preservation of traditions. This is why on the initiative of the Circle of Friends of the University a small group of enthusiasts (their names are listed as "Editors" below) translates, proofreads and edits the documents of the Gallery (launched in Hungarian language in 2003) so that they can be published in the English language Gallery as well.

Let me ask you to visit regularly this collection with loving care and help the editorial work by giving your opinion and advice.

Appreciation and best regards,

2013th January, Budapest
Dr. Emil Monos professor emeritus,